DEMON® becomes EssDe®

The reasons are obvious. The professional community has long known,
• that we have built a large number of sidestream deammonification plants
• that we have been granted patent protection for all applications of the hydrocyclone (enrichment, washing), which is the core component of a successful deammonification.

However, the professional community may not know that there are now much more important developments and
• that with S-Select®, we have successfully solved the main problem of biological wastewater treatment technology, namely the problem of bulking sludge
• that with S-Control®, we measure and control the most important parameter of an activated sludge system, namely the aerobic sludge retention time
• that deammonification in the mainstream is finally feasible
• that with this, the core competencies do not only covers the relatively small sidestream (10 - 20%), but also the mainstream (80% of the wastewater).

Reason enough to also document these great developments in our name.
Aerobic granular sludge (AGS): Our solution against Bulking sludge

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