EssDe GmbH - Processes for wastwater treatment

​S::Select® fundamentally changes the biological system of your activated sludge by converting the suspended sludge (flock) into the granular form. This significantly improves settling behavior and noticeably improves the removal performance.

EssDe® enables extremely efficient nitrogen removal in the sidestream. In combination with the mainstream, the energy efficiency of the entire system can be significantly increased.

S::Select® solves bulking sludge problems sustainably

  • Increases the capacity of the system by a factor of 2-3
  • Improves effluent quality
  • Increases the nitrification capacity
  • Improves sludge thickening and dewatering
  • Increases digester efficiency
  • Reduces the amount of waste sludge (WAS)

EssDe® = Deammonification

  • Economically unrivaled nitrogen removal
  • In the sidestream and in combination with the mainstream
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