2 successful start-ups for the S::Select® system in Denmark

The two plants had the same goal in mind when they decided to use the S::Select®-process: the necessary increase in capacity of the activated sludge plant should be achieved with the least possible space consumption.

The process engineering solution in both cases: with the S::Select® process, aerobic granular activated sludge is established in the activated sludge plant and thus an increase in the capacity of the entire plant is achieved without the need for a new tank construction or with a smaller tank volume than with a conventional design.

Both plants were equipped with the S::Select® process almost simultaneously from autumn 2019. In the first case the capacity had to be increased. There was not enough space on the existing site for a conventional expansion. In the second case, an operator is planning a new WWTP that should be able to make do with as little space as possible. He is testing the S::Select® process on a smaller plant in order to obtain the knowledge and experience for the new plant with this process.

Two Successes: Both plants were converted within the planned time and were able to demonstrate the higher performance in activation and, in particular, improved sludge settling behaviour: Before installation of S::Select® the plants usually had to use a bypass during heavy rainfall events in order to avoid sludge drifting out of the treatment plant. During the extreme heavy rainfall events in spring 2020, it was possible for the first time to run the water volumes completely through the treatment plants without suffering sludge losses!

The flexibility of the S::Select® process has also contributed to the successes: no new or smaller tanks are required and when installing the main components of the process, the planning engineer was able to implement innovative designs with unusual solutions, thus solving the space problem.
Aerobic granular sludge (AGS): Our solution against Bulking sludge

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