Commissioning of a S::Select® plant in Switzerland

Another S::Select® plant has been put into operation in Switzerland on a wastewater treatment plant (ARA). This plant is already working at high capacity and expects a further increase in load of 15 - 20 % in the upcoming years. It is designed as a 2-line system. With the installation of the S::Select® process in one line, the increase in capacity in the activated sludge system is going to be simulated and proven. After the boundary conditions and expectations for the S::Select® plant had been defined, the plant could be erected in containerized construction within a short time. In September 2020 it was installed and commissioned in one line of the ARA.

The technical acceptance as well as the subsequent dosing of the BASICS® ran without any problems. After only a few weeks, an aerobic granular sludge system had been established and improvements for the sludge index and the sedimentation behaviour were clearly visible in the line equipped with the S::Select® process.
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