Successful commissioning of an EssDe® system in Germany

Another EssDe® system has been successfully put into operation in Germany. The newly installed deammonification in the sidestream with a daily nitrogen load of 350kg/d enables a significant reduction of the backload in the biology and thus also considerable savings in terms of aeration energy and consumption of operating resources.

In the startup phase, the deammonification reactor was inoculated with slow-growing, deammonifying sludge. The throughput could be increased within a few months to such an extent that all of the available centrate from the sludge dewatering can now be processed.

With the EssDe® process the sewage treatment plant now has an elegant and robust deammonification process. The biology, which has been relieved of the reduced backload, is now ready for an additional load of 15% or 30,000 PE.
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