AGS (Aerobic Granular Sludge) - Innovative technology by EssDe GmbH for more than 5 years reliably proven

AGS processes are seen with great interest as a new process technology and are increasingly reported on in the technical press. The reason for this is the extremely effective cleaning performance with increased capacity and improved sludge settling behaviour.

The EssDe GmbH has already successfully established the technology in the process of a continuously operated biological wastewater treatment plant with the S::Select® process in Glarnerland in Switzerland in 2016.
Additional basins that had already been planned were no longer needed.

The results showed:
- 10-fold increase of sludge settling velocity in the final sedimentation
- More than doubling of the treatment capacity
- Significant reduction of organic compounds that are difficult to degrade

The improved sludge settling behaviour also has the effect that the floc/AGS-sludge mixture formed a more effective floc filter in the final clarification. As a result, suspended solids and phosphates that are bound to particles were also significantly reduced.

Since the successful implementation of the S::Select® technology in Glarnerland, this patented process has been successfully integrated into 13 existing biological wastewater treatment plants worldwide (see References). Further plants are currently being implemented or are in the planning phase.

The operation of the S::Select® process is possible within only a few months, since no additional tanks are needed and the technology is supplied as a modular unit (for more information take a look at our LinkedIn Profile).

A few highlights from our clients:

  • Improvement of ISV from approx. 180 ml/g to < 70 ml/g

  • More than doubling of the cleaning capacity: Planned expansion became unneccessary or possible increase in connected loads (> 60 %)

  • Residual COD (hard to degrade) from > 50 mg/l to approx. 25 mg/l

  • Suspended solids (from 6 mg/l to < 1 mg/l) and phosphates (Ptotal from 0.65 mg/l to 0.32 mg/l)
    significantly reduced

  • Prevention of floc outlet (industrial wastewater plant and municipal wastewater treatment plants)

  • Saving of chemicals (amortisation approx. one year)
  • Aerobic granular sludge (AGS): Our solution against Bulking sludge

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