Methane (CH4) is a colorless and odorless, non-toxic, highly flammable gas. It burns to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water: CH4 + 2O2 -> CO2 + 2H2O.
Methane is created during anaerobic treatment of raw sludge in digesters (under exclusion of air). The organic substances in the sludge are converted with the help of anaerobic bacteria into a gas mixture, which consists of about 65% methane gas (CH4) and 35% carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as traces of hydrogen and sulfur (<1% each). Methane is a high-quality energy source and at the same time a much stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (about 25 times).

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Aerobic granular sludge (AGS): Our solution against Bulking sludge

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